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March 11, 2024

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We've looked at a lot of APIs in this series! Here's a cheatsheet for all the APIs we've covered to this point:

ReactAngularVueNotes & Link
function Comp() {}@Component() class Comp {}Comp.vue SFC fileCreates a component.
createRoot(el).render(<Comp/>)bootstrapApplication(Component)createApp(Comp).mount('el')Renders the component.
Component function bodyClass instance properties and methods<script setup>Where your JavaScript code goes.
useEffect with empty arrayngOnInitonMountedSide effect on component mount.
<p>{val}</p><p>{{val}}</p><p>{{val}}</p>Interpolate val into your template. This live-updates.
useStateClass propertiesrefState in a component.
<div attr={val}><div [attr.attr]="val"><div v-bind:attr="val"> or <div :attr="val">Attribute binding to an element. This live-updates.
function Comp(props) {}@Input()defineProps(['prop'])Component input definition.
<div prop={val}><div [prop]="val"><div v-bind:prop="val"> or <div :prop="val">Component input passing
<div onEvent={fn}><div (event)="fn()"><div v-on:event="fn()"> or <div @event="fn()">DOM event binding
Pass a function as component property.@Output()defineEmits(['output'])Component output definition.
{bool && <div>}<div *ngIf="bool"><div v-if="bool">Conditional render an element.
{bool ? <div/> : <div/>}*ngIf="bool; else templ" where templ is an ng-template<div v-else>Conditionally render with an "else" clause.
Multiple conditionals with different values.ngSwitch & *ngSwitchCase<div v-else-if="other">Conditional render with multiple "else" clauses.
{ => <div></div>)}<div *ngFor="let item of list"><div v-for="item in list">Rendering a list.
{, idx) => <div></div>)}<div *ngFor="let item of list; let i = index"><div v-for="(item, idx) in list">Get an index in a list render.
<div key={}>*ngFor="let item of list; trackBy: itemTrackBy"<div :key="">Using a key to distinguish element in a list.
<div key={}>N/A<div :key="">Using a key as a render hint.
Return function from a useEffect with an empty dependency array.ngOnDestroyonUnmounted or watchEffect cleanup function or watch cleanup functionSide effect cleanup on component unmount.
<StrictMode>N/AN/AAPI to ensure side effect cleanup
useEffect with no second argumentN/AonUpdatedListen for re-renders.
useEffect with an array of values to trackTrigger side effect on mutation functionwatch or watchEffectIn-component data change side effects.
useLayoutEffect to run before paintN/A due to lack of VDOMwatch with {immediate: true} and/or {flush: "post"}Render/paint/commit phase tracking
useRefngZone.runOutsideAngularlet variable mutationChange data without a re-render
useEffect with useRef of previous valuengOnChangeswatch with old and new value argumentsListen for component property changes
useMemo@Pipe()computedProperty-based computed values
<Fragment> or <></><ng-container><template>Transparent elements
children property with a JSX value<ng-content><slot>Children injection site
Named properties with a JSX value<ng-content select="name"><slot name="name" />Named children injection site
const refName = useRef() & <div ref={refName}>@ViewChild()const refName = ref() & <div ref="refName">Element reference that doesn't trigger reactive change
<div ref={fn}>@ViewChild() with ngAfterViewInit<div :ref="fn">Element reference that triggers reactive change
useRef([]) & <div ref={el => ref.current[i] = el}>@ViewChildren()ref([]) & ref="refName"Array of element references
forwardRefN/AN/AAllow access to a custom component
useImperativeHandleAll methods and properties from the referenced component are exposed by defaultdefineExposeAllow access to component's internals
componentDidCatchErrorHandleronErrorCapturedLog an error
getDerivedStateFromErrorErrorHandler + parent stateonErrorCaptured + refDisplay an error
createContextInjectionToken or InjectableN/ADependency injection context creation
Context.Providerproviders array on classprovideDependency injection data provider
useContextinjectinjectDependency injection data injection
Enabled by defaultinject(SomeVal, {optional: true})Enabled by defaultOptional injected values
Context.Provider in root component@Injectable({ providedIn: "root" })provide in root componentApp-wide providers
createPortal(<div/>, el)DomPortal or TemplatePortal & cdkPortalOutlet<Teleport to="body">Portal contents to other DOM location
Custom HooksServicesCompositionsLogic sharing between components
N/A@Directive()Object with special propertiesDirectives
children property and single value passed@ContentChild()N/AAccess a reference to a single projected child
Children.toArray(children)@ContentChildren()N/AAccess a reference to projected children
Children.count(children)@ContentChildren() & length propertyN/ACount projected children
children(val)ng-template & Template Context<template> & v-slotPass values to projected children
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