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  • Autogenerate Changelogs and Manage Releases using Conventional Commit

    by Corbin Crutchley

    June 23, 2020


    Whether creating comprehensive changelogs or just keeping track of git tags, releases matter. Learn how to automate your release process with conventional-commits!

  • Better Angular Form Components with ngModel and formControl Implementation

    by Corbin Crutchley

    June 09, 2020


    You may have ran into elements or components that allow you to use formControl or ngModel. They make your life as a consumer much easier. Let's build one!

  • Write Simpler Tests - 5 Suggestions for Better Tests

    by Corbin Crutchley, Robert Mennell

    May 26, 2020

    testingtesting libraryjest

    Writing tests is an integral skill for any engineer to take on. Unfortunately, we often tend to over complicate our tests. Let's take a look at how we can simplify them for better tests overall

  • Setup Android Studio Emulator for AMD Ryzen CPUs

    by Corbin Crutchley

    May 05, 2020


    Historically, the Android Emulator has only run on Intel CPUs. While that's no longer the case, it can be tricky to setup. Let's walk through how to do so!

  • Draw under the Android NavBar Using React Native

    by Corbin Crutchley

    April 16, 2020

    androidreact native

    Android allows you to draw content under the navigation bar. It's a very cool effect, and Google themselves suggest it for all new apps! Let's add that to our React Native apps

  • Data Storage Options for React Native

    by Corbin Crutchley

    April 14, 2020

    reactreact native

    You know the classic expression: There's more than one way to... Err... store app data. That's how it's said 100%. Let's explore our options in React Native!

  • The Ultimate Windows Development Environment Guide

    by Corbin Crutchley

    April 07, 2020


    Many developers like MacOS or Linux for development environments, but don't know that Windows has plenty to offer. Let's explore that in this deep dive into Windows development environments!

  • Networking 101: UDP & TCP

    by Corbin Crutchley

    March 31, 2020


    If networking is analogous to physical mail, then let's take a look at the letters being sent themselves. Let's dive into UDP and TCP