Web Components 101

Learn the history of web components, alongside how to use them with both Lit and Vanilla JavaScript.

This is a series about web components. I did the most research I could on topic and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did to write about it!

Worth mentioning that I wrote on behalf of and while under the employment of CoderPad and I'd love to thank them for allowing me to spend time on this.

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Chapter listing

  1. Web components have had a long history to get where they are today. Let's look back to see where they came from & their immense growth!

  2. One of the ways web components differs from a framework is that it works right in the browser. Here's how to build them from scratch.

  3. Google pushed for web components, sure, but they didn't stop there. They also went on to make an amazing framework to help build them: Lit!

  4. While web components can be used standalone, they're paired best with a framework. With that in mind, which is the best and why?